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Monday, July 30, 2012

What's for Dinner?

Sometimes the thought of making dinner is daunting. What should we make, what is everyone hungry for, what food do I have in the house, are there ingredients I will need to pick up, etc. This does not necessarily come off as the most fun idea, but try for 1 week to make a plan. Look at what you have in the fridge and cupboards and make a dinner plan that fits for you. It can be as fancy as you want, and/or as easy as you would like. Working on your list the weekend prior gives you time to shop for any ingredients you may need and time to prep your ingredients, which is the best when you're just getting home from a day out with the kids, work, etc. I also like to make a list, which doesn't change often, of breakfast and lunch ideas. Having them written down in front of me makes me feel a little more at ease when the next meal is coming.

Here's a sample of my list for the week:

I live with an Excel Wizard, aka my husband DJ, so this can all be speedy and automated with pre-printed pages and room for you to fill in the blanks, or it can be as simple as a hand written note on scrap paper. A neat idea would be to add room at the bottom for necessary grocery items for the week. Grab it when you go to the store and you're set. By the way, for all of us fortunate enough to work weekends, the list can be tailored to incorporate all days of the week.

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  1. My bad, Extreme Excel Wizard Master is his actual title. : )